Goalkeeping Academy with Mick Payne
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The aim of the Art of Saving Academy is to help every GK it works with to be the best they can be both as a goalkeeper and as an individual.

We achieve this over the foundation, youth and professional development phases by ensuring that every experience:

  •   •   Is enjoyable and personally rewarding
  •   •   Provides optimal levels of involvement and practice
  •   •   Is stimulating and promotes learning

The philosophy can be summarized in the acronym GK GOALS


G    Generates a positive learning environment

K    Keep things in perspective, take the long view and do not rush to judge


G    Games program tailored to meet individual needs

O    Organise game like practices that are realistic, relevant and appropriate and are based upon actual match scenarios.

A    Accentuate the positive and build on what GKs can do.

L    Let GKs practice without the fear of failure being an inhibiting factor

S    Set the highest standards of everyone involved in the learning environment

All work undertaken at the Art of Saving Academy is underpinned by long term GK development principles and the academy’s philosophy. It seeks to develop goalkeepers in four key areas:

  •   Physical attributes – speed, strength, agility and endurance

  •   Technical/tactical – technical mastery combined with intelligent decision making and game understanding

  •   Psychological attributes – sustaining high levels of confidence, concentration, commitment, composure, courage and competitiveness.

  •   Social attributes – developing a presence that ensures that the goalkeeper is part of the team not apart from the team.